POST 9127 Meeting Minutes

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MONTHLY MINUTES:  15 August 2017  1900 hrs

Joint Session:

  • Shar Joens (Auxiliary President) announcements (Report by Ron Grey)
  • 46 people were served breakfast last Sunday
  • Breakfast burritos will be served during Beaverdale Fall Fest 16 Sep
  • New VFW emblems have been requested for the front door of our building
  • District 5 VFW Cdr, Stuart Juarez is guest tonight to offer a pasta dinner as a membership drive. Servers and recruiters are needed.  21 Oct was decided on from 5-7 p.m. for both Auxiliary and the VFW Post.


  • Club announcements
  • There is now over $14,000 for the parking lot to be re-done.
  • Mike Beier is waiting on the Company that is doing the parking lot to begin the work.
  • Robert Niblo has resigned as Club Manager. Mike Beier has taken this back over.



Opening ceremonies for the meeting were conducted in accordance with Veterans of Foreign Wars Ritual; meeting opened at _1900___ hrs.



  • Commander – Bruce Charlet xPresent Absent Excused
  • Senior Vice Commander – Tom Copeland xPresent Absent Excused
  • Junior Vice Commander – Wayne Marek             Present Absent xExcused
  • Quartermaster – Brad Whitmore xPresent Absent Excused
  • Chaplin – Carol Whitmore xPresent Absent Excused
  • 3yr Trustee – Dave Wilkins                                     xPresent Absent Excused
  • 2yr Trustee – Joseph Dullard                                  Present Absent xExcused
  • 1yr Trustee – Russ Saffell xPresent Absent Excused


Appointed Positions

  • Adjutant – Carol Whitmore                                     xPresent Absent Excused
  • Service Officer – Earl Sengbusch xPresent Absent Excused
  • Officer of the Day – Terry Smith Present Absent xExcused
  • Guard – Dave Wilkins xPresent Absent Excused
  • Judge Advocate – Terry Smith Present Absent xExcused
  • Surgeon – Bradley Whitmore                   xPresent Absent Excused


There are __9____ members in attendance. Plus 1 guest